Whether it's a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 celebration, we have what you need to make the day a success!  All our favors and cake toppers are handmade.  If you have something specific in mind, give us a call and we will come up with the perfect cake topper and favors for your party!  
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Quinceanera/Sweet Sixteen 
Cake Toppers & Favors
Princess Castle, Cinderella ~ 
Centerpiece or Party Favor
This unique castle is all hand made of cold porcelain.  It is 7" tall.  You can use it as a Centerpiece or just as a Party Favor.  It serves two purposes, it is a beautiful castle and after the party it can also be used as a bank.  It has a slot in the back for a bank and a stopper in the bottom.  This castle can be made in any color.  Price . . . $12.00 each  (Item #WBS104)
Aladdin Lamp Cake Topper or Centerpiece
*****This is a Ceramics By You Exclusive*****
This one-of-a-kind is a Tammy's Creation.  This Aladdin lamp is sitting on a rectangle base made to look like a magic carpet.  The base can be made in any color to match your theme.  This piece is all hand made of ceramic and measures 12" wide x 7" tall.
Price . . . $35.00 (Item #Q105) 
Indicate color choice for carpet below:
Cinderella Slipper
Feather Pen Holder
This is another Ceramics By You Exclusive!  All hand made of ceramic and embellished with hand made cold porcelain roses. This is a true Tammy's Collection.  This piece will look great at your sign in table.  Pictured in pink but available in any color. 
Price . . . $35.00 (Item #Q108)
Indicate Color Choice below: 
Phantom of the Opera Mask
This mask is all hand made of Ceramics.  It is a Ceramics By You Exclusive!  It can be used as a Cake Topper or you can add a stick and ribbon in your choice of colors to add to your centerpieces.  It measures 10" long.  (Item #Q110 & #Q111)

Price: $14.00

Price with Pole & Ribbon $18.00
Arabian Knights Castle 
This Arabian Knights Castle is a Ceramics By You exclusive and would make a beautiful centerpiece for any Arabian Knights party!  Add a tea light to this castle to light it up! You can also use a LCD battery operated tea light. This can be made in any color.  Please specific color choice below or just put "as pictured" if that is your preference.  The small castle is 14" high, large castle is 23" high.  (Item #Q113)

Price for small castle: $35.00
Price for large castle:  $85.00

Ceramics By You
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Cinderella/Quince Slipper on Pillow Centerpiece
This piece is all hand made of ceramics. it measures 8"x 6" tall. It can be made in your choice of colors.

Price . . . $35.00  (Item #Q117)
This piece is all hand made of ceramics. It measures 8"x 6" tall. It can be made in your choice of colors.  Price...$35.00
Ballet Slippers:
Ballet Slippers on Pillow Centerpiece
Wire Mannequin 24" Centerpieces. $80. These Beautiful Centerpieces would make a great addition to any Party. They come with flower beaded bodices and your choice of color Tutu.

Enter your color choices below . . .
Ferris Wheel Wire
 Cupcake Holder
This is our newest creation, a Ceramics By You exclusive! This whimsical piece is sure to make a statement at any event, from birthday parties to bridal showers. Ferris Wheel cupcake holder. It holds 10 cupcakes. Does not rotate. Can be painted any color. White, gold, silver.

$98.95 undecorated (pictured)

$109.95 Decorated with your color choice of ribbon and flowers. (indicate flower and ribbon color below)
Wire025: Ferris Wheel Decorated
Wire Mannequin Centerpiece
11" Mannequin $14.95:
15" Mannequin $18.95:
24" Mannequin $34.95:
Wire Dress Form Non-Pregnant
This non-pregnant wire mannequin can be used "as is" or decorated with toole and ribbons to make a cute dress.  The come in a variety of sizes.

6" tall .... Price: $9.95
11" tall .... Price:  $14.95
15" tall ... Price: $18.95
24" tall ... Price: $34.95
6" Mannequin $9.95:
Ballerina Tutu 
Cupcake Picks
Celebrate your ballerina's recital or birthday party with these adorable ballerina cupcake picks. Place them on cupcakes or even the cake. They are about 2" tall.  Available in pink, lavender, blue or white.

Price . . $16/dozen  (Item #C268)

Pink & Purple Shoes Cake Topper
Zebra Purse & Matching High Heels Cake Topper Set
Cheetah Purse & Matching High Heels Cake Topper Set
Blue/Black Purse & Matching High Heels Cake Topper Set
Purse & Matching High Heels Cake Topper Set
These high heel shoes and matching purse cake toppers are all hand made of cold porcelain and measure approx. 6"x6".  Available as pictured (from left to right): Red/Black, Zebra, Cheetah, Blue/Black or Pink/Purple.  (Item #C277)   
Price . . . $30.00
Large Princess Cake Topper/Centerpiece
These princesses will make a great addition to your cake or tables.  They are all hand made of cold porcelain and measure about 10" tall. Choose from either Rapunzel, Merida, or Sofia the First & Clover.  Price . . . $35.00 (Item #Q107)   ON SALE $25.00
Rapunzel Cake Topper
Merida Cake Topper
Sofia Clover Cake Topper
Sofia Clover
wire cinderella carriages
Cinderella Wire Carriages

Measurement is from wheel to wheel. 
Picture is shown painted in black

Mini 6" $16.95
Small 9" $18.95
Medium 12" $24.95
Large 19"x16" $34.95
Small 9" $25.95
Medium 12" $39.95
This Princess Cinderella Wire Carriage makes a great centerpiece or table decoration for a Cinderella wedding, birthday party or any fairytale event!  They are available either decorated in any color to match your princess party theme or undecorated in a variety of colors and sizes.   
Cinderella Wire Carriages
(decorated - enter color choices below)
Princess Cinderella Carriage
Mini 6" $19.95
Lg 19"x16" $48.95