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Little Princess Boutique

Christmas Hair Bows &
Tutus for Elf on the Shelf or Magic Elf
White Sparkle Tutu for Christmas Elf $12
Ceramics By You
Miami, FL 33186
Phone: (305) 968-8889
Email: Tammygonz6@aol.com
Princess Bow:
Princess Bow $12.00 
Loopsy Girl Princess  $7.00 
Loopsy Girl
Lady Bug Bear Bow  $7.00 
Lady Bug
Bear Bow:
Owl Bows $7.00 
Owl Bow:
Communion Bow  $7.00 
Princess Gingham Bow  $10.00 
Princess Gingham
Bumble Bee Bear Bow  $7.00 
Bumble Bee
Bear Bow:
Owl Embellishments for Bows $3.00 
Green, Pink or Blue 
(Select color below)
All hand made - measures about 1"
Little Girl Face 
Clay Embellishments
Blonde Hair, Dark Brown, Light Brown
All hand made - measures about 1 inch.
Hair Decoration - Bunny Embellishments
All hand made - Measures About 1"
Bunny Emb:
Hair Bows & Clay Embellishments
Owl embellishments:
Easter Egg Clay Embellishments for 
Hair Bows   $3.00 
Easter Egg
Easter Bunny Clay embellishments for hair bows
Easter Bunny Clay Embellishments for 
Hair Bows   $3.00 
Easter Bunny Emb:
Valentine Girl with Hearts Clay 
Embellishments $3.00
Communion Girl Clay 
Embellishments for Bows 
All hand made - measures about 1 inch.
Item #PB103
communion girl clay embellishments for bows
Christmas Clay Embellishments
These Christmas Clay Embellishments measure about 1" and can be used for hair bow centers or also used for holiday decorating, scrapbooking and journaling, mini ornaments, gift wrapping embellishments, table decorations and so much more....craft and sewing projects, too!  So many possibilities!

Choose from Red Santa Boot, Angel, Xmas Tree, Stocking, Gingerbread Man, Bell or Santa
Price:  $3.00 each
(Item #PB105)
minnie mouse clippie
Minnie Mouse Clippie $5.00 
Princess Clay
All hand made - Measures About 1"
Item #PB108
Owls are all hand made - measures about 1"
All bows measure about 4"
Measures about 4"
La La Loopsy Bows 
La La Loopsy Faces: $3.00 each ​(Item #PB111)
La La Loopsy Bow with Face: $9.00 each (Item #PB112)
Bows are approx 4". Available as pictured in 4 hair colors:  Pink, Green, Blue, Orange
PB111 (face only $3.00):
PB112 (bow & face $9.00):
Spider Embellishment $3.00 With Bow  $9.00 
Spider with Bow $9
Spider Only $3
Ghost Embellishment $3.00 With Bow  $9.00 
Witch Embellishment $3.00 With Bow  $9.00 
Ghost with Bow $9
Ghost Only $3
Witch with Bow $9
Witch Only $3
Pumpkin Embellishment $3.00 With Bow  $9.00 
Bat Embellishment $3.00 
With Bow  $9.00 
Pumpkin with Bow $9
Pumpkin Only $3
Bat with Bow $9
Bat Only $3
Cat embellishment for hair bows
Cat Embellishment $3.00
 With Bow  $9.00 
Frankenstein Embellishment $3.00 
With Bow  $9.00 
Cat with Bow $9
Cat Only $3
Frankenstein with Bow $9
Frankenstein Only $3
Fall Acorn Embellishment $4.00
 With Bow  $9.00 
Fall Leaf Embellishment $3.00 
With Bow  $9.00 
Fall Acorn with Bow $9
Fall Acorn Only $4
Fall Leaf with Bow $9
Fall Leaf Only $3
Turkey Embellishment $4.00
 With Bow  $9.00 
Green Hair Witch
 Embellishment $3.00
Turkey with Bow $9
Turkey Only $4
Green Hair Witch
Only $3
Elf Tutu - Red or Green $10
20" Elf Wreath $50
Full Body Elf Bow  $12.50
Frosty Bow Center $3
Santa Bow Center $5
Full Body Elf Bow Center $6
Pocket Elf Tutu $6
Little Mermaid Inspired Hair Bow Center $6.00 
All Hand Made ~ Item #PB142
Frozen Inspired
Elsa & Anna
Hair Bow Centers $6.00 each
All Hand Made ~ Item #PB143
Minnie Mouse Icon Chevron Bow Center $3.00
Custom made Tutus for your Magic Elf or Elf on the Shelf 
Your little girl elf doll will shimmer and shine in these custom made tutus.  Sure to make her feel extra festive, in either the white sparkle tutu or red or green holiday festive tutus. 
Tutus also available for the pocket elf in red or green.
Elf on the Shelf Hair Bow $12.00 (Choose Boy or Girl Elf)
Elf on the Shelf Clay Bow Centers
Elf on the Shelf Clay Bow Centers $6.00 (Choose Boy or Girl Elf)
Elsa and Anna tutu for your Magic Elf or Elf on the Shelf 
(Choose Elsa or Anna) $12.00
Anna Tutu
Elsa Tutu